Saturday, December 18, 2010

Free Julian Assange/Wikileaks Protest

The amazing Adam Bandt speaking

For my first protest this was certainly an amazing one to be involved in. There was a real sense of community in that we were in Assange's own city and electorate, even though there were plenty of policemen around, some even on horses it never got out of control, there was just an overwhelming general feeling of injustice and the need to make ourselves heard. The speakers were fantastic, each touching on a slightly different angle, Adam Bandt in particular spoke well, about the basic human rights of Assange's that have been violated which coming from someone in his position was pretty hard to ignore. A lady from the Journalists Union (I think) spoke about how if what Assange has done is a crime then every editor of every paper is guilty too and finally a young guy who spoke on the issues and laws surrounding internet censorship. The best line of the day however would have to go to the MC - 'Let's show Britain we're not f***ing convicts anymore' - classic.