Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life Drawing @ No Vacancy

We went to this great life drawing class last night at No Vacancy gallery in QV, it was so much fun. Considering I've never drawn people before, and haven't actually drawn anything in quite a few years, I feel that this last drawing of mine turned out quite well!

Especially considering this is where I started.. weird proportions on the right I know!

This is the super cute flyer, come along next week it's so fun.. wine is a mere $1.. my kind of night.

I also miss my New Windsor girls! Nicole because she told me last night that she's ENGAGED to her lovely boy Justin who she's been with for numerous years! I just want to give her a huge hug and maybe a sneaky kiss on the cheek and yell CONGRATULATIONS!! Sarah because she needs to move to Melbourne and also because her and her boy are all in love and I want to meet him. Come over here already! And Kirsten because she's a total babe, performing in what sounds like a fantastic show and planning her overseas adventures.. I love you gals.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I miss my Mum.

And my Dad.

And my sister.

(there's puh-lenty more where these came from..)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Party bulbs! For an upcoming exhibition at Gaffa Gallery.

Oh and also, this 300 word piece I wrote on myself and my art practice can now be viewed here in Gallery 36's 3rd publication. A few vital words have been missed out but all is well..

When I'm feeling a bit upset there's nothing like thinking about how much worse things would be if I had this mullet again to make me feel better.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Honorary Mention

In relation to the post below - I just had a look at the Best Seven for the award and Gerard Herman definitely needs a mention, and not just because he took out two of the coveted spots! I love these works, there's something so simple and hilarious about them. 
In the image above Gerard 'rides on a tandem bicycle together with a self-made character 16 km from his home to his exhibition opening'. What a guy!

And in these two Gerard 'shows constantly a hooligan pose for one night. He hides his real arms under his jacket, the pose is created by a mockup'. Not only is the grammar in this sentence cute-ly skewed, but the use of the word 'hooligan'?! Love it!

Szpilman Award Winner (not me!)

This total babe is Hank Schmidt in der Beek. He won the Szpilman Award. I also applied for the award, but as you can see there a variety of reasons this guy won and I didn't. Firstly, how awesome is his work? He (according to the site) 'stands in the manner of a plein air painter surrounded by mountain scenery and paints the pattern of his shirt on canvas'. Cute! Secondly, the works title is so much more exotic sounding than mine - 'In den Zillertaler Alpen'. Foreign! Thirdly, did I mention he's a total babe? Hank is the lucky winner of the 'Challenge Cup', 10 nights accommodation in Cimochowizna (Poland apparently) and an (unspecified) sum of money in cash. Jealous!

I am however listed in the huge list of participants, check it out here.. Famous!

Friday, February 12, 2010


In the past week I have been given some great knitted pressies from my lovely friends, topped off today with the cute brooch below from my friend Mel, I just had to post them.. The beautiful dolls dress with what we first thought was a hat but turned out to be knickers came from Elin.. the dress hasn't been sewn up from the waist down for some reason - risque!

This awesome mug was a gift from Clara, and yes it does say 'Knit One, Sip One' just under the rim. Too cute. And very fitting because I have been given one of these in the past by my cousin Jasmine who I love but I haven't yet brought it back to Melbourne with me..

Some pics of the stall Clara and I shared last night at the craft market at the Worker's Club.. the lovely necklaces in the muted shades would be Clara's and the person with the lightbulb obsession would be me! Lovely evening..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Here are some little cardboard boxes I made, the perfect size for my lightbulb necklaces.. I'm now out of big pieces of cardboard though!

My legs were so sweaty the other day I just had to take this, it's amazing how much of a sauna our bathroom becomes in this heat, it makes dying your hair kind of hard to concentrate on.

The latest thing I've made out of cardboard! A picket fence.. that no, I will not be painting white.. I'm doing a market at The Worker's Club on Brunswick St tommorrow night, I'm going with a lightbulb theme that means my stall will be rather sparse so it was time for something 3D and cardboard.

Here are all my little lightbulb brooches packaged up in their little spheres ready for the vending machines in Insert Coin Here. Exciting!

And finally, words to live by..