Thursday, April 22, 2010

The lovely Julia from Dagmar Rousset, a fantastic shop on Sydney Road, recently bought two strings of lights to hang in her window. Dropping them off was the first time I'd seen the place properly, and I knew instantly it was my kind of shop when I read the blackboard outside - 'Just In! Uteruses in Jars!'.. Which you can kind of see in the background of the pic above, uteruses and other assorted organs, made of felt and popped into the little glass jars. Very cool! I forget the artist but at only $18 each they're a steal!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Had a fun time in Adelaide of all places this weekend just gone!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

'Boy', what looks like an amazing, funny, beautifully shot NZ film directed by Taika Waititi of 'Two Cars One Night' and 'Eagle vs Shark' fame, better come out in Melbourne because I MUST see it.. 
(poster taken from the website, check it out, watch the trailers, be excited!)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Of all the unexpected surprises an Easter Saturday afternoon can hold surely rowing through a huge bat colony on the Yarra River has to be one of the most awesome.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Things

Optometry is so cheap in Myanmar (where my parents have just been) that this year I sent them two pairs of frames to get lenses put in for me, these ones I bought at The Corner Market for $20..

And these I bought in Auckland over Christmas, again $20, and prescription lenses for both came to a ridiculous $16! Incidentally I've shot them on the new duvet/doona cover I bought at Yooralla for $8.. I love it..

All this joy on my bedroom wall for a mere $5?! Bargain!

I pinched one of Luci's ever beautiful life drawings on Wednesday and it's now happily blu-tacked to my bedroom wall..

And finally, these are the fantastic tiles that are part of the fireplace in my new bedroom, pics of my lovely new house to come soon..

One of the many good things about having my parents here was that I had to finally stop putting off going to Ron Meuck at the NGV. I dragged Mum along on their last afternoon here and we were not disappointed, (not that I expected to be!) all the works were amazing. They are all either gigantic or about half size models of (mostly naked) humans. The skill of Meuck is astounding and the emotional response his works brought out of me was actually quite overwhelming. From this 5 metre long newborn baby, to the 8 metre high 'Wild Man' and the little old lady curled up in the foetal position under a blanket, all were so lifelike it was hard to look at them and realise they weren't real.
And I now know where I get my intense enthusiasm from - thanks Mum!

These two tourists in transition lenses would be my lovely parents Jim and Diane. I was lucky enough to have them stop in Melbourne on their way home from teaching English in Myanmar a little while ago. I really enjoyed having them here and showing off the sense of direction I have in Melbourne that is in no way present in Auckland. I wrote a big list of places I wanted to take them and then realised they were all restaurants! I do love my food, and fortunately so do my parents..

We popped in on my local op shop, Yooralla on Elgin St, searching for some bed linen for me (inspired by Clara) but also found some dresses that were basically exact replicas of ones Mum would have made me when I was young!!

It was great having you here parents, I miss you!