Friday, July 31, 2009

Melbourne! So far so good..


During my meanderings yesterday I discovered these markets, even though my housemate Luci had drawn a very specific, although not to scale, map I was still dubious as to whether I, with my horrendous sense of direction, could find them! Melbourne really is the perfect city for me, everything is so well laid out!

Lamps galore!

There really is art EVERYWHERE!

Doing some preliminary scouting for the markets I will be selling my merch at on Sundays.. 

The outer wall and door of Meet me at Mikes!

The houses here are Super Cute. And close together. I should post some pics of the flat I'm staying in.. these are just up the road. 

I went to see Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls last night. The film fest is on at the moment which is so convenient for things to do by yourself in the city! It was such a great doco, I can't believe how little I knew about them and how influential they have been.. it made me severely homesick!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I took all 30 of my lightbulb cosies that I made a while back to Kraftbomb today to see how they would go down and they totally sold out! Hilarious! It's given me ideas for Melbourne.. 

Friday, July 24, 2009


Something I've been meaning to post about for a while is the tattoo I got recently.. I got my grandma's name, also my middle name - Margaret - under my right armpit. She's taught me how to knit so I got it where I hold one of my knitting needles when I knit. As knitting becomes more and more of a focus for me it feels very fitting.

I got it in her handwriting, taken from this sample I found in a book she owned when growing up titled Riders of the Sea by Anne Hepple!

After a few minor alterations this is what I came up with!

My friend Sarah came along and also got a great tattoo.. It's an illustration based on the floral patterns adorning a collection of hankies her nan gave her before she passed away. Super cute!

The Completed Banner!

All packaged up and ready to take to Melbourne! I'm doing the Rose Street Artist's Market for the next three months, starting next Sunday! I am really looking forward to stringing this banner up sooner than I expected..

The lace was a bit of a pain to sew in but oh so satisfactory once done, with the bonus that it looks super cute!

Jasmine did the great stitching onto the white background of the A - I love the little balls of wool with needles that she created..

6 of the 14 triangles are knitted, and in my favourite tone - pastels!

Jasmine and I spent all day sewing away on Thursday, I really enjoy hand-sewing, it's so relaxing. Especially when accompanied by cups of tea and good company! 

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Banner in Progress

The banner spelling out my name/brand 'Sharon Margaret' is on it's way towards completion! I've just spent the whole morning listening to Peaches and sewing the letters onto the triangles with black thread.. I'm super happy with how they're looking.