Friday, July 24, 2009

The Completed Banner!

All packaged up and ready to take to Melbourne! I'm doing the Rose Street Artist's Market for the next three months, starting next Sunday! I am really looking forward to stringing this banner up sooner than I expected..

The lace was a bit of a pain to sew in but oh so satisfactory once done, with the bonus that it looks super cute!

Jasmine did the great stitching onto the white background of the A - I love the little balls of wool with needles that she created..

6 of the 14 triangles are knitted, and in my favourite tone - pastels!

Jasmine and I spent all day sewing away on Thursday, I really enjoy hand-sewing, it's so relaxing. Especially when accompanied by cups of tea and good company! 


Knitty Graffity said...

Beautiful banner! Well done! I really admire your work. :-)

Sharon Russell said...

thanks! I love what you're up to too!