Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I also miss my New Windsor girls! Nicole because she told me last night that she's ENGAGED to her lovely boy Justin who she's been with for numerous years! I just want to give her a huge hug and maybe a sneaky kiss on the cheek and yell CONGRATULATIONS!! Sarah because she needs to move to Melbourne and also because her and her boy are all in love and I want to meet him. Come over here already! And Kirsten because she's a total babe, performing in what sounds like a fantastic show and planning her overseas adventures.. I love you gals.



Sarah said...

GAARAGHJDGHGJDHJADHGDHJA! This makes me miss you even more! I didn't know it was possible, but there you have it.

Sharon Russell said...

ha! what on earth is that exclamation supposed to be about? I love it! Yup, writing that made me miss you all alot more, even felt a bit teary!

Sarah said...

Its was the closest thing i could type to represent my extreme frustration. Did it not come across strong enough?

P.s - june will never come quick enough. its too far away!

Kirsten said...

I Love and Miss you Shazbot!!!
All my love!