Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Szpilman Award Winner (not me!)

This total babe is Hank Schmidt in der Beek. He won the Szpilman Award. I also applied for the award, but as you can see there a variety of reasons this guy won and I didn't. Firstly, how awesome is his work? He (according to the site) 'stands in the manner of a plein air painter surrounded by mountain scenery and paints the pattern of his shirt on canvas'. Cute! Secondly, the works title is so much more exotic sounding than mine - 'In den Zillertaler Alpen'. Foreign! Thirdly, did I mention he's a total babe? Hank is the lucky winner of the 'Challenge Cup', 10 nights accommodation in Cimochowizna (Poland apparently) and an (unspecified) sum of money in cash. Jealous!

I am however listed in the huge list of participants, check it out here.. Famous!

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