Monday, February 16, 2009

Knitted Lightbulb Cosies!!

For the second issue of our fabulous zine Cardboard Box I knitted 4 lightbulb cosies (well 5 but the fifth got somewhat damaged after I left the light on for too long - they are a bit of a fire hazard as it turns out!) and popped them onto a page.. I have recently been offered the chance to do it on a much larger scale by the lovely Lou who owns OUi Boutique in St Kevins Arcade!

So here's the 9 cosies I've whipped up in the last few days.. they only take just over half an hour each to knit which is great. I've also been given free rein with colours!

So in three weeks time 30 lightbulb cosies will be hanging in the window display area of OUi Boutique. I think this is the most excited I've ever been! It will also co-incide with Sally Shand, one of our Issue Three featured artists, showing her work on the exhibition wall inside!

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