Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This post has been brought on by the hours I've just spent this morning looking through copious amounts of beautiful photos from the two weddings I attended in December. This is my stunning cousin Alyssa on her wedding day, I wept like an absolute baby at the ceremony, it was so moving..

How awesome is my cousin? I just think these ribbons looked amazing, who needs shoes?

As I'm naturally a veeery sentimental person it all got me thinking about how we've all grown up so much, I mean when you watch someone you used to fit on a rocking horse with get married it really sinks in how fast time flies..

So cute!

And in the same vein, here I am on Christmas Day with two of my favourite people - my sis Lizzy and cousin Jasmine.

We've come a long way..

And lastly, my cousin Matt, who is here in Melbourne with his lovely girlfriend Charlotte and who I'm severely enjoying hanging out with was in fine form on Christmas Day..

And despite a brief period in our teens when he felt it his personal duty to torment me we have been close since the days when we found it amusing to pose like this in photos!

I love you all. I'll try not to post anything this cheesy for a while now.. can't promise anything though, it's just so tempting!