Monday, October 11, 2010

Ok, first up a disclaimer - yes, I've been spending all potential making time trawling through fashion blogs which feels way too voyeuristic for my liking but I love it..

I came home from work desperately needing to nap but two slightly weird things have happened which are making it kind of hard to sleep - firstly the $1,656 worth of tax return I just discovered in my bank account (I love Australia!) and then as I'm looking through Rumi Neely's entire back catalogue of posts I discover this. Her wearing a 'vintage dress' that I actually own too! While I would refer to it as more of a jumper it's a bit crazy that something I got off the lovely Clara in her clearing out the wardrobe phase would also be owned by someone on the other side of the world.

I hate that I've written so much about practically nothing but there you go.. I'm weirded out. 

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Clara-Emily McKay said...

Ah this one, not sure how it could possibly be considered as a dress! Weird too because I was under the impression that This one was handmade - I'm definitely going to miss this op shop following the end of the academic year!