Thursday, June 11, 2009


Wow! What a day!

I picked my cousins Jasmine and Jordan up at 5:30am this morning and we headed into town eating banana bread, parked in Beresford Square and got to work installing my Guerilla Knitting. It was such an exhilarating experience and I am so happy with the outcome (hence all these photos!) Jasmine was the perfect helper installing everything and Jordan has taken some great images. The weather was perfect too, not raining and not cold! Amazing.
The images speak for themselves really, we installed in the dark but came back later and got some shots of everything in the light. And not too soon as it turns out. There were only 3 of the 6 toadstools left by 10:30am when Barbara from the KRd Business Association got to work and the bra was stolen by 12:30pm!! I am astonished it happened so fast and in broad daylight!

Thanks so much to Jasmine and Jordan Dodson for all your help today, Barbara for commissioning what is the most exciting thing I've done to date and Lou from OUi Boutique for facilitating the installation (of lightbulb cosies) that got this all started. I'm feeling such a great sense of accomplishment but really need to go and have a nap, I've been in such a frenzy ever since installing!


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Knitty Graffity said...

Haha, finally I found you! I have a post on my blog about your toadstools. I used to contract on K’Rd and have seen them and the lightbulbs. Love it!
I guerilla knit as well, so far only in my neighbourhood, Devonport. Check out my blog if you like.