Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm still undecided on whether I love or hate the detailing on the Federation Square buildings (left) however I do love the inflatable version in the entrance to the NGV, Ian Potter Centre (right)

Sticky Success! I finally found the famous Melbourne zine store that has been known to stock Cardboard Box today.. it's such a fantastic wee shop. It's very beautifully done with great wooden shelving and a table in the middle with three typewriters in mint condition ready to use. I brought up large on zines but I foresee myself going back again and again to increase my collection. I'll post about today's purchases soon..

Sticky is down in Degraves Subway which has all these fantastic lit alcoves along the tiled walls showcasing some severely awesome art, curated by the Platform Artists Group Inc. That rather brutal trophy was one of my faves, some others are pictured here below..

Tres cool!

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