Sunday, August 2, 2009

'Salvos' = Australian for Salvation Army.. brought some great crockery and a brown leather handbag at this one on Victoria Street.

Flinders Street Station, reminiscent of the ferry building in Auckland, only 6 times bigger.

My bank account has a severe dent in it after a days worth of shopping, helped along by the $40 I spent on tea at Tea Too.. this place is amazing, I defy anyone to enter and not come out laden with tea! It's so beautifully laid out, with more tea than I ever knew existed and there's always freshly brewed pots of fancy tea to sample to make it just that bit more tempting.. as if I needed it!

The third in my collection of rings - swapped for a tampon brooch at Rose Street yesterday.. it's made out of the end of a knife/fork/spoon. Love it!

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Sarah said...

Cant wait to raid a Slavos with you!