Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yesterday we went to see what is quite possibly one of the best pieces of performance art ever! Titled Dachshund U.N  it involved 47 sausage dogs in the role of U.N. delegates meeting for the Commission on Human Rights.

This little guy led the proceedings..

While the delegates were involved in what was clearly a very important discussion..

The piece is the work of artist Bennett Miller and is on as part of the Next Wave Festival. The debate will be staged again next Saturday and the one after at 2pm next to the Exhibition Building. Not only is it SUPER CUTE but, much like M.I.A's newest video clip Born Free I feel it makes a point that has been made many times before but that is all the more potent because of the humour that's involved.


Ben Zen said...

Haha, how did i not know about this?!! Will be checking it out next weekend for sure :)

Luci said...

Ah, great pics Shazzzz.