Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yup, as awfully cheesy and a bit weird as it is I spent part of the beautiful, sunny Sunday a week ago photographing flowers at the cemetery.. Strangely relaxing..

I think the fake ones were my favourites..

On a side note, I am still not used to possums roaming free in parks in the city! They are such crazy little, or actually not so little animals..
ALSO, in things that don't happen across the Tasman where I'm from, who knew Australians called road cones (named because they are cone-shaped and placed on the road, logical yes?) witches hats? Certainly not me, and certainly not something I needed to find out while driving out catering for work and being told to follow them and actually thinking I was looking for black witches hats!!

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Nicki said...

That's the little tyke that scratched me! Bless 'em.
Also- HAHAHAHA witches hats. You thinking you were meant to be following witches hats. ho ho.