Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When I finished uni, my graduating exhibition images were featured in frankie, a lovely lady called Laura purchased three of them, and has now just had them auctioned them off in an Art and Object 'Important Photographs' auction. I have mixed feelings about this, or rather I don't really know what to think when images of mine are in any context alongside the likes of Anne Noble, Marti Freidlander, Fiona Pardington and Ans Westra - all amazing and well known photographers from New Zealand. Also, I'm blown away by someone buying my work for between $3000-$5000! Who is this clearly crazy (in an awesome way) person? Check out the catalogue here.

I am now, after 3 months of not completing all that much art-wise, feeling rather inspired to actually start doing things, knitting things, and learning to crochet. This image of a beautiful tapestry on velour by my friend Clara has also helped in giving me an idea for what to do with the bag of shoulder pads I've been collecting for quite some time... Maybe it's also the beautifully crisp weather Melbourne has going on at the moment, or maybe it's just that being lazy is really not that cool, but I am officially going to start being productive. As of now.

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