Friday, June 4, 2010

I spent some time with my scanner a few days ago, we don't really hang out much anymore so I had a lot to get through.. first up - this AMAZING dress by Emma Churchill in the latest issue of NO makes me very happy..

This is a beautiful drawing by Dawn Tan that I bought a while ago but still need to get framed. I think I bought it subconsciously thinking about how I have a dress like that and sometimes my face goes pink, unfortunately not in neat circles though, more like an all over spread.

This polaroid is stuck to my bedside table/filing cabinet, my sis Lizzy on the left and cousin Jasmine on the right. I love them.

And finally, I've been saying I'll learn to crochet for years now but I think I've finally found the pattern that will force me to actually do it, crochet lampshade?! Too cute.

Stitch by Stitch is a series of pattern books, available for 50c at my local op shop and full of fantastic shots like this one!


Clara-Emily McKay said...

Ah! Emma Churchill, I saw that too and couldn't find anything on her on the internet!! Amazing!!!!

Clara-Emily McKay said...

ps. it's totally sewn together french knitting isn't it?!Best idea ever!

Sharon Russell said...

I KNOW!!!!! Anyone who finds a use for french knitting is my heroine!!

Dawn Tan said...

Heehee : ) Glad you liked the drawing! PS: Love your rainbow daylesford picture!Heehee : ) Glad you liked the drawing! PS: Love your rainbow daylesford picture!