Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tourist Destination - my Bedroom

crocheted blanket

Top left (clockwise) Sarah McNeill, Luci Everett (carbs) Dawn Tan, Luci Everett (arresting)

Teddy Bears Picnic and 'real Hawaiian flowers made by a special process into objects of art'

What Luci described as the wardrobe of an old lady (I do have a lot of florals)

Fireplace/Storage space/Bookshelf

My friend Michael Pham took these pics last night, something I've been wanting to do for a while but have never quite got round to.. thanks man!! My fave is definitely of my blanket, crocheted by my grandma with my name conscientiously sewn on by my mother, undoubtedly to ward off blanket thieves at school camps or something! 

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Sarah said...

I will be seeing these all in real life very soon. HAZAHH!